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The Italian Chambers of Commerce system is a universe made up of Chambers that are responsible for areas of the territory. Their mission is to look after the general interests of the production system, promoting local growth, transparency and regulation of the market, guaranteeing a link between the business system and the public administrations. The Chambers of Commerce provide for upkeep of the Business Register, under the supervision of a Judge, delegated by the President of the Court in the Provincial capital. is the portal of the Chambers of Commerce created by InfoCamere, which allows access via internet to the official and up-to-date information in the Business Register, the Register of Protests and the Register of European Businesses.
Thanks to the adoption of digital signatures, certified e-mail and the storage technologies that have replaced paper, the Register is also a genuine virtual teller that allows businesses and professionals to send their case folders electronically and carry out all the administrative operations relating to the birth and life of businesses, with the Chamber of Commerce storing a record of every operation.
An essential means of ensuring administrative transparency, a source of data that is official, reliable and guaranteed by law, of fundamental importance in the fight against economic crime.
The Business Register is connected to all the services dedicated to the businesses present on this portal.


InfoCamere is the technological arm of the Italian Chamber System. InfoCamere is the technological arm of the Italian Chamber System. The primary aim of InfoCamere is to make the Italian Chamber of Commerce
databases available to all, guaranteeing information is shared, easily updated and open for consultation by businesses, professionals, citizens and the public administration. The most significant achievement in this regard is the on-line Business Register, which is completely computerized and can be consulted on-line at
All the official information are available in English and can be purchased from the web-site by credit card, without having to register.