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The national index of Certified Email Addresses (PEC)

"INI-PEC" is the national index of Certified Email Addresses (PEC) belonging to companies, individual enterprises and professionals - established by the (Italian) Ministry of Economic Development and created to implement (Italian) decree law no. 179, dated 18th October 2012.

It is online and freely available through the portal, with no need to log-in or register.

By going to , anyone can find the email address of a professional or company operating in Italy. The index is constantly updated with information from the Business Register and from Professional Associations and Colleges, using the methods provided for by law.


A Certified Email Address gives an e-mail message the same legal value as a registered mail with receipt. This means that anybody sending a message via PEC has a guarantee that the message itself has been sent and delivered

The portal to request or renew LEI code is the portal which companies and funds can use to request or renew their very own LEI code. It’s also possible to use the portal to search for the identification code of a company based in Italy.


The Legal Entity Identifier is a unique code made up of 20 alpha-numeric characters based on the international standard ISO 17442, which is assigned in order to identify the participants in financial transactions in markets and legal systems across the world.

Mappa del Sito Mappa del Sito