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Official information in English from the Business Register

Are you looking for Italian partners, customers or suppliers? Do you want to expand your business to Italy? Do you want to find out the board members or owners of an Italian company?


No problem! The Italian Business Register helps you with official information about Italian companies. Available also in English.

The Official Company Reports, taken from the Business Register held by the Italian Chamber of Commerce are available in English, and they contain official information that is guaranteed by law. Information include a legal profile of the company (headquarter, registration and founding dates, name of the company, legal representative and other officials), description of economic activity (based on NACE code), company assets, quality certifications, number of employees.

They can be purchased from with a credit card; registration is not required.

Download a sample Official Company Report to see the kind of information it provides.


Digital tools and services to meet Italian companies

Do you think you will need information form the Italian Register more than once in a while? Do you want more than a Report? Are you familiar with Italian language?

Become a Telemaco registered client! Just fill out the form and you will be able to search the Register with many criteria, get a list of companies, be warned when something happens to your clients, etc.

You can charge your account with a credit card or take advantage of ICONTO.


What provides

It is the official portal of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, allowing internet access to information on all Italian businesses (6 millions). A means of ensuring administrative transparency, a source of data that is official, reliable and guaranteed by law.

The Business Register provides full details of the legal status of each business, and it is an essential database when processing economic and business development indicators for whatever sector.

The new format for balance sheets
Italian limited companies balance sheets are available in the XBRL format (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). This format ensures access to quality data which are easily revisable. Italy has been among the first countries in Europe (back in 2007) to release the mandate for filing of Annual Accounts in Xbrl format. Italian limited companies balance sheets can be purchased from with a credit card and registration is not required.

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